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Thread: Title System

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    Title System Guide

    Finally hit Stage 4 in the Title System today, so I thought it was a good time to post a guide.

    First off, the points granted for each title are as follows:

    Basic:......6 points
    Grand:.....9 points
    Rare:.....14 points
    Arcane:...21 points
    Heroic:....30 points
    Unique:...41 points
    Celestial: 54 points
    Divine:....69 points
    Epic:.......86 points
    Legendary.105 points

    Next, the amount of experience points it takes to level up each stage:

    Stage 1 >> Stage 2: 500 points
    Stage 2 >> Stage 3: 500 points
    Stage 3 >> Stage 4: 1,000 points
    Stage 4 >> Stage 5: 1,000 points
    Stage 5 >> Stage 6: 2,000 points
    Stage 6 >> Stage 7: 3,000 points

    This means that Stage 3 takes an accumulated 1,000 points to reach; Stage 4 takes an accumulated 2,000 points; and Stage 5 takes 3,000 points, etc.

    Now for the titles themselves:

    [NUIAN ONLY] - 60 points total
    Basic Solzreed Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Gweonid Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Lilyut Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Dewstone Hunter - Achievement
    Basic White Arden Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Marianople Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Two Crowns Hunter - Achievement
    Grand Friend of Giants - Quest Reward
    Grand Barkbridge Builder - Quest Reward

    [HARANYAN ONLY] - 45 points total
    Basic Arcum Iris Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Falcorth Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Tigerspine Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Mahadevi Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Solis Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Silent Forest Hunter - Achievement
    Grand Autumn's Petal - Quest Reward

    [Basic] - 318 points total
    Basic Golden Ruins Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Perinoor Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Cinderstone Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Sanddeep Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Ynystere Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Halcyona Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Hellswamp Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Rookborne Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Karkasse Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Hasla Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Windscour Hunter - Achievement
    Basic Castle Crasher - Quest Reward
    Basic Vampire Slayer - Quest Reward
    Basic Dungeon Delver - Quest Reward
    Basic Duel Seeker - Achievement
    Basic Needs Guild Recruits - Achievement
    Basic Needs a Family - Achievement
    Basic Needs a Guild - Achievement
    Basic Guardian of Nuia - Achievement
    Basic Guardian of Haranya - Achievement
    Basic Gallant Leomorph-Herder - Achievement
    Basic Gallant Horse-Herder - Achievement
    Basic Gallant Snowlion-Herder - Achievement
    Basic Gallant Elk-Herder - Achievement
    Basic Seasoned Seaknight - Achievement
    Basic Invisible Hand - Achievement
    Basic Peacemaker - Achievement
    Basic Blue Salt Brotherhood - Quest Reward
    Basic Executioner - Quest Reward
    Basic Sea Scholar - Quest Reward
    Basic Master of the Deep - Quest Reward
    Basic Dragon Slayer - Quest Reward
    Basic Guardian of the High Seas - Quest Reward
    Basic Outlaw of the High Seas - Quest Reward
    Basic Horse Fancier - Quest Reward
    Basic Triple-Tank - Quest Reward
    Basic Sailing Sultan - Quest Reward
    Basic High Glider - Quest Reward
    Basic Bobbleheaded - Quest Reward
    Basic Friend of Daru - Event Achievement
    Basic Up For Adoption - Event Quest Reward
    Basic Fortune Finder - Event Quest Reward
    Basic Yata Detective/Novice Detective - Event Achievement Reward
    Basic Red Dragon Rider - Achievement
    Basic Green Dragon Rider - Achievement
    Basic Black Dragon Rider - Achievement
    Basic Dragonmaster - Achievement
    Basic Touch Da Fishy - Achievement
    Basic Yata/Dairy Cow/Greenman Butcher - Quest Reward
    Basic Hiram Guardian - Quest Reward
    Basic Strength of the Ancient - Quest Reward
    Basic Wisdom of the Ancient - Quest Reward
    Basic Patience of the Ancient - Quest Reward

    [Grand] - 342 points total
    Grand Daydreamer - Achievement
    Grand Despicable - Achievement
    Grand Ever-Charming - Achievement
    Grand Crimson Watch - Quest Reward
    Grand Master of the Phoenix - Quest Reward
    Grand Master of the Faun - Quest Reward
    Grand Plainsracer - Quest Reward
    Grand Windracer - Quest Reward
    Grand Blood Pact -
    Grand Great White - Quest Reward
    Grand Desert Fox - Quest Reward
    Grand Duke of Delivery - Quest Reward
    Grand Never Fast Enough - Quest Reward
    Grand 5th Rank Soldier - Arena Shop
    Grand 4th Rank Soldier - Arena Shop
    Grand 3rd Rank Soldier - Arena Shop
    Grand 2nd Rank Soldier - Arena Shop
    Grand Lord of the Dance - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Time Catcher - Contest Coin Collector, Mirage Isle Fishfest
    Grand Be My Friend - Achievement
    Grand Beastmaster - Event, Pawesome Festival
    Grand Abyssal Archaeologist - Achievement
    Grand Roses are Red, Daru are Blue - Achievement
    Grand Mother of Daru - Event Achievement, Daru Festival
    Grand Splashed Action Hero - Event Achievement, Drenching Arena
    Grand Soul Sworn - Anniversary Event Reward
    Grand Abyssal Hunter - Event
    Grand Most Mysterious Miner - Achievement
    Grand Serpent Slayer - Achievement
    Grand Solemn Scout - Achievement
    Grand Protector of Ayanad - Achievement
    Grand Needs a Party - Quest Reward
    Grand Dances with Starfish - Arena Shop
    Grand Dances with Turtles - Arena Shop
    Grand Dances with Elementals - Arena Shop
    Grand Dances with Crabs - Arena Shop
    Grand Dances with Skyfins - Arena Shop
    Grand Watermelon Lover -

    [Rare] - 672 points total
    Rare Archemaster - Quest Reward
    Rare *Stardreamer* - Achievement
    Rare Deadly Despicable - Achievement
    Rare Ever-Charming Exterminator - Achievement
    Rare Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - Quest Reward[50k Alchemy]
    Rare Building Character - Quest Reward[50k Construction]
    Rare Iron Chef - Quest Reward[50k Cooking]
    Rare Foxy and Crafty - Quest Reward[50k Handicrafts]
    Rare Squats with Spurs On - Quest Reward[50k Husbandry]
    Rare Keep Calm and Farm On - Quest Reward[50k Farming]
    Rare Can Count to Tree - Quest Reward[50k Logging]
    Rare Foremost Forager - Quest Reward[50k Gathering]
    Rare Quantum Mechanic - Quest Reward[50k Machining]
    Rare Not Today - Quest Reward[50k Weaponry]
    Rare Ink Is My Blood - Quest Reward[50k Printing]
    Rare Pickaxe Percussionist - Quest Reward[50k Mining]
    Rare Gathers No Moss - Quest Reward[50k Masonry]
    Rare Fashions Fade; Style is Forever - Quest Reward[50k Tailoring]
    Rare Compulsive Tanner - Quest Reward[50k Leatherwork]
    Rare THAT'S SO METAL - Quest Reward[50k Metalwork]
    Rare Hammertime - Quest Reward[50k Carpentry]
    Rare Supreme Silvertongue - Quest Reward[50k Commerce]
    Rare Fishing for a Compliment - Quest Reward[50k Fishing]
    Rare Expert Cutpurse - Quest Reward[50k Larceny]
    Rare Sublime Songsmith - Quest Reward[50k Artistry]
    Rare Blackheart - Quest Reward
    Rare Memory Keeper - Quest Reward
    Rare 1st Rank Soldier - Arena Shop
    Rare 3rd Rank Knight - Arena Shop
    Rare Star Seeker - Event Quest Reward, Zodiac Festival
    Rare Sportsball Champion - Event
    Rare Spring Tidings - Event
    Rare Mistsong Maverick - Event
    Rare Elixir Mixer - Event Achievement
    Rare Fiesta Fisherman - Event Achievement
    Rare Legendary Assassin - Marketplace Event
    Rare Wayfarer - Event
    Rare Erenor Artist 2018 - Event
    Rare I <3 Mom - Event
    Rare Be My Valentine - Event
    Rare Scrambled Egg - Event
    Rare Never Gonna Give You Up - Event
    Rare Goblin Slayer - Event
    Rare Liberator - Event
    Rare Barrel Runner - Event
    Rare I Can Fly - Event
    Rare Luminary of Erenor - Achievement
    Rare Master of Boots - Achievement

    [Arcane] - 588 points total
    Arcane Enlightened ArcheMaster - Quest Reward
    Arcane Robotic Revenge - Achievement
    Arcane Periodically Epic - Quest Reward[180k Alchemy]
    Arcane Raises the Roof - Quest Reward[180k Construction]
    Arcane Culinary Cutthroat - Quest Reward[180k Cooking]
    Arcane Multifaceted - Quest Reward[180k Handicrafts]
    Arcane Bleu Ribbon - Quest Reward[180k Husbandry]
    Arcane Grain Reaper - Quest Reward[180k Farming]
    Arcane Never Strikes Twice - Quest Reward[180k Logging]
    Arcane Cutting Hedge Technology - Quest Reward[180k Gathering]
    Arcane Car-diologist - Quest Reward[180k Machining]
    Arcane Got Hammered - Quest Reward[180k Weaponry]
    Arcane Bound for Greatness - Quest Reward[180k Printing]
    Arcane Rock Bottom - Quest Reward[180k Mining]
    Arcane Taken for Granite - Quest Reward[180k Masonry]
    Arcane Shear Genius - Quest Reward[180k Tailoring]
    Arcane Boiled and Oiled - Quest Reward[180k Leatherwork]
    Arcane METAL MAYHEM - Quest Reward[180k Metalwork]
    Arcane Nailed It! - Quest Reward[180k Carpentry]
    Arcane Baller Status - Quest Reward[180k Commerce]
    Arcane Krilling It - Quest Reward[180k Fishing]
    Arcane Criminal Mastermind - Quest Reward[180k Larceny]
    Arcane Chart Topper - Quest Reward[180k Artistry]
    Arcane 2nd Rank Knight - Arena Shop
    Arcane 1st Rank Knight - Arena Shop
    Arcane Barrel Rider - Event, River Festival
    Arcane A-List - Content Creator
    Arcane Great Artist - Event

    [Heroic] - 810 points total
    Heroic Abyssal Adept - Achievement
    Heroic Elementally Talented - Achievement[Natural 230k Alchemy]
    Heroic It's All Cementics - Achievement[Natural 230k Construction]
    Heroic Mustards the Strength - Achievement[Natural 230k Cooking]
    Heroic Martial Arts and Crafts - Achievement[Natural 230k Handicrafts]
    Heroic Needs Calf-eine - Achievement[Natural 230k Husbandry]
    Heroic Transformative Farmer - Achievement[Natural 230k Farming]
    Heroic Rooting For Thunder - Achievement[Natural 230k Logging]
    Heroic Leaf Me Alone - Achievement[Natural 230k Gathering]
    Heroic Driven to Distraction - Achievement[Natural 230k Machining]
    Heroic Slayer Enabler - Achievement[Natural 230k Weaponry]
    Heroic Ink-redible - Achievement[Natural 230k Printing]
    Heroic So Basalty - Achievement[Natural 230k Mining]
    Heroic Hard Rock Life - Achievement[Natural 230k Masonry]
    Heroic Darns It All - Achievement[Natural 230k Tailoring]
    Heroic Cow-culating Killer - Achievement[Natural 230k Leatherwork]
    Heroic Always Ironic - Achievement[Natural 230k Metalwork]
    Heroic Can Be Abrasive - Achievement[Natural 230k Carpentry]
    Heroic Barter $auce - Achievement[Natural 230k Commerce]
    Heroic Anyfin is Possible - Achievement[Natural 230k Fishing]
    Heroic Stainless Steal - Achievement[Natural 230k Larceny]
    Heroic Art-official Intelligence - Achievement[Natural 230k Artistry]
    Heroic Internet Explorer - Achievement[Natural 230k Exploration]
    Heroic Grand Master - Arena Shop
    Heroic Thrice Triumphant - Event
    Heroic Idol - Content Creator
    Heroic Far Traveler - 2018 Server Evolution

    - 205 points total
    Unique Orchidna's Disciple - Achievement
    Unique Founder - $50+ Purchase at Game Launch
    Unique Legendary Founder - Event
    Unique General - Arena Shop
    Unique Worldweaver - Given to those on 1st Evolved Servers

    [Celestial] - 324 points total
    Celestial Commander - Arena Shop
    Celestial Traveler - $100+ Purchase at Game Launch
    Celestial VIP - Content Creator
    Celestial Diamond Soul - Given to those whose land was demolished in the Diamond Shores Remodel.
    Celestial Heir of Hiram - Achievement
    Celestial Northern Legion - Given to guilds that owned castles on server evolution.

    [Divine] - 2553 points total
    Divine Warlord - Arena Shop
    Divine Trailblazer - $150 Purchase at Game Launch
    Divine Stormy Soul - Achievement
    Divine Celestial Creature - Achievement
    Divine Pale Pal - Achievement
    Divine Best Buddy - Achievement
    Divine Hereafter Herald - Achievement
    Divine Shadowy Sidekick - Achievement
    Divine Fiery Familiar - Achievement
    Divine Winter Wildlife - Achievement
    Divine Cute Companion - Achievement
    Divine Little Friend - Achievement
    Divine Elegant Butterfly - Achievement
    Divine Walking on Clouds - Achievement
    Divine Sunshine - Achievement
    Divine Blue Radiance - Achievement
    Divine Hot and Strong - Achievement
    Divine Smol Wings - Achievement
    Divine Airshow Expert - Achievement
    Divine Pretty Darn Adorable - Achievement
    Divine Soaring High - Achievement
    Divine Hellish Blood - Achievement
    Divine Forest Stalker - Achievement
    Divine Star Guardian - Achievement
    Divine Night Seeker - Achievement
    Divine Unapologetically Unique - Achievement
    Divine Kissed by Evil - Achievement
    Divine Golden Plains Slayer - Achievement
    Divine Abyssal Who? - Achievement
    Divine Sailor - Achievement
    Divine Master of the Sea - Achievement
    Divine Gone Fishing - Achievement
    Divine Speed Devil - Achievement
    Divine Siege Captain - Achievement
    Divine Urban Chameleon - Achievement
    Divine Erenor Dasher - Achievement
    Divine Ocean Cartographer -

    [Epic] - 258 points total
    Epic Immortal - Arena Shop
    Epic Black Dragon Hunter - Quest Reward
    Epic Perfectionist - Achievement

    [Legendary] - 420 points total
    Legendary Skywarden - Achievement
    Legendary Sky Emperor - Achievement
    Legendary Shapeshifter - Achievement
    Legendary Strada - Achievement

    [Special - Constellation Titles - 1 per Character] - 9 points total
    Grand Bow Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Boat Horn Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Bugle Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Unicorn Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Blind Eye Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Chariot Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Wand Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Trident Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Crown Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Leopard Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Brier Constellation - Gilda Star Shop
    Grand Hut Constellation - Gilda Star Shop

    [Discontinued? Titles] - 78 points total
    Basic Takes, but Does Not Earn
    Basic Discriminating Tastes
    Basic Taste Tester
    Basic Herbalist
    Basic Prospector
    Basic Tree Trimmer
    Basic Farm Hand
    Basic Forager
    Basic Ranch Hand
    Basic Demolition Man[NUIAN ONLY]
    Basic Cradle Shaker
    Basic Master Maester[HARANYAN ONLY] - Quest Reward
    Basic Arena Spark
    Basic Arena Flame

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    Nice guide! I haven't really looked at the title system too much so I will probably bookmark this as reference. Its really 3000 points in total? I totally thought I heard them talking about it on the live stream and they were saying it wouldn't take every single title in the universe to achieve the last stage, but this looks like yeah it will take everything. xD

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    And how does one earn those points?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy Paws View Post
    And how does one earn those points?
    You're granted them automatically when you unlock the title.

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    I have not messed with this new title system due to the fact that I have no clue how it works or what the Exp bar is for the title i have equipped and where to get more exp for. Nothing is explained anywhere.

    except the twitch live feeds that explained you can now have different titles with different stats and that was it.

    So I and many in my guild dont even mess with it.
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    thank man for the info
    but i think i go a basic title and dont give any exp

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    I think I have one that is not your list:

    Also I was wondering, if you are in a nation and you allie yourself with the other continent, can you then get these other titles?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MysticWizard View Post
    I think I have one that is not your list:

    Also I was wondering, if you are in a nation and you allie yourself with the other continent, can you then get these other titles?
    Updated the list with this title, thank you. Also, that is a very interesting question that I do not have the answer to.

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    this system is problematic it create a huge text above our heads - I searched options how to remove titles to be visible and I cannot remove the whole text I have 4 lines of text above my head.

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    @Oyranos You can remove your own title from showing by taking the "No title" title, you find it at the top on page 1. You will still see other peoples title though

    Regarding the discontinued titles, I was able to get the Herbalist, Prospector, Tree trimmer, Farm hand, Forager and Ranch hand a couple of days ago. Suddenly the blue salt people in Windshade had a lot of quets for me. However I was not able to get the Taste tester title, the cooking lady stopped giving me quests after the Whole Grain Bread quest.

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