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Thread: Hellswamp Quest Map Markers

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    Hellswamp Quest Map Markers

    When you have finished a few of the Hellswamp quests, all the excelmation points disappear from the map. You can see where to do quests that are "In-Prog" but not where to turn them in, or too pick up new quest lines. If you go into the quest log to use the map for direction, the map button is grayed out. I have several quests that I cannot find where to turn in, and I'm not sure I've completed the country. The map issue is only in Hellswamp.

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    I have the exact same problem with Hellswamp and Two Crowns maps. The quests are there but it doesn't show on the minimap so you depent on your luck to find quests. And after you found quests and completed them, their turning in npc becomes unkown location and therefore quests markers doesn't show. How can i fix this? Thank you.

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