Hello All,
Now I know Trion has a habit of NEVER listening to the player base, I can tell right off the bat because all of the other tabs are Q and A.

None the less I wanted to post about this.

Let me start by saying out of all the MMO's that I have played this one has the best open ocean pvp ever. However I believe that there is a fundamental issue with ships and ship classes.

First off, I dislike how there are only 4* classifications of ships:
Merchant schooner
Small warship
Medium warship

See my issue? Merchant schooner isn't a class of ship, its a ship on its own. This reoccurs for each kind of ship, ONE medium warship, and its a galleon- A GALLEON, that is wayyy to large (in the game and historically) to be the only ship in this category. This issue continues for Clipper ships aswell.

It seems like they left room for improvement but stopped.

I like the 2 kinds of warships: Eznan cutter and Lutesong Junk.
They each serve a similar purpose and the different designs suit different play styles. However what if there where more. These two would serve the frigate classification of small warship, another was a Man-o-War, and a Carrack.

As far as schooners go there is the Atlantic, Brig, Caravelle, and Gaff designs. All of these are used for different purposes.

And there are more then just a galleon, such as a Ship of the Line is another classic big ship with a bunch of cannons.

Small transport ships, while clippers are great, what if we had ships such as a Ketch or a Sloop.

Ships need to serve more purposes then to kill a ghost ship and board others to steal packs, they should play a significant roll, with more ship classes then fleet combat may arise, fighting over relic loot.

I know its a lot of words, but I hope that they expand on the great naval combat that they have, that needs to become more prevalent.