I'm Building a Public Discord Server For the Nuian Side for Reckoning. so we can join up for Rifts, look for Guilds, Trade, and meet new Peoples or even pair up for dungeons or pvp. what ever you may want.

Once you join look over the Welcome Center, and then head to the Guild Tag Request room and request a Guild Tag for your guild. if your a Guild leader Pm A Server Moderator (Red Name) so we can get you the Correct Tittle.

Also Upon Joining right click your name on the right hand side and name change to your in-game name. for easy location in game!

Discord Link is as Followed:

If this is already done and Active then ill remove mine but i havent found a active decent one so i thought i would make one! Thanks again if you need to get ahold of me my discord is Keaper#9938