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    Livestream January 12th - Q & A

    Livestream: Q&A - January 12th
    Q & A — January 12th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)

    Associate Producer - Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan
    Localization Specialist - Sophie "Socke" Pickens

    Hey Adventurers,

    Muzzy will be out this week, but you'll get to ask all your questions to Celestrata! Socke will be here to show off the awesome Eclipse Knight costume as well.

    We invite you to ask questions during the stream regarding the topics we're covering this week, and if they aren't answered on stream, please take it to the forum! Be sure to search for your topic first, as the discussion may have already been started.

    3 Archeum Pack
    5 50 Loyalty
    5 Eclipse Knight Costume

    See you there, adventurers.

    Twitch Channel:
    Start Time: Friday, January 12th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)
    Duration: 45-50 minutes

    Thread will be locked prior to the livestream to give us a chance to organize answers.

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    Will we be getting an influx of new titles anytime soon?

    If not, can we get an adjustment to the title system so that Stage 5 is actually attainable?

    Can we get the change to obsidian crafting from the Korean Version of 4.5 early?

    When are we getting another addition to the Gilda Star Shop?

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    Do you think anyone at XL reads Muzzys reports? Have you ever had any feedback from them ? Because people keep asking the same questions every week. Thanks

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    Are there any updates for the drop rate of metallic crates?

    With the upcomming changes in 4.5 and our current drop rate the cost of gems will be around 10k just for the lunarite for the T3 gems.
    And even now in 4.0 the prices are way to high for T2 gems.
    Why is it taking so long to fix this major issue?

    People did hours of testing regarding the drop rate and it is more than obviouse that our current drop rates are unacceptable as shown in this and this thread.

    The buff for the lunarite drop from the crates is not a fix for this problem. EU/NA needs a fix for the drop rate of metallic crates.

    Any update for the X-Mas Box event on Mirage? Will it be back or will there be something else?

    Any updates on known issues like the UI Lag, Chat bug where the text gets deleted, revive bug where you have to cast the skill multiple times etc. ?

    Any update about the worm compost?

    Will we as EU/NA player ever be able to give direct feedback to the XL Team?
    This was mentioned in the past and there hasn't been an update about this.

    Dunning–Kruger effect - The ArcheAge community in a nutshell

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    PLEASE tell us that the magic lamp event isnt a first time- last time event. I had so many problems with that event at the start and I think im not the only one, yet it would be really nice to complete it. Please give us an answer wether it would eventually come back or not anymore. A single answer wont hurt.

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    Can you discuss a simple addition for making it easier on new players to enjoy Archeage immediately upon reaching max level and lower the risk of them quitting before acquiring minimal gear?

    Such as adding to the marketplace 365 days of the year (not just new players that happen to start playing at Update time) a ticket for 4.0 gs gear costing 1 gold or maybe 1000 credits that is purchasable for level 55s. Not gear that is competitive for PvP, not a gear ticket that causes players to cry that work on gear 10 hours a day. Just gear that makes it so they aren't turned off and quit right after they finish leveling and able to participate in game activities while starting their long journey to better, competitive gear.

    This game can suck less for new players. I believe in you Trion, this is doable.

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    Why are so many items bound to the specific character and not the account? What good are 300+ bonus XP potions to a level 55 ( in everything ) rank 7? And I don't want to use a different character on an event like breaking boxes because on the off chance I hit for the mythic pet I want it on my main.

    If they won't let us have it bound into the account so we can put it in a chest and let another character use it, why not allow us to sell the crap we can't use to a merchant?

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    I jus tried ot Purchased the homecoming warriors Challenge quest for the scrap and I am getting "not purchased!. I evne tried i on another accoutns char woh has not done the quest and geting the same thing! is it broken or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzy View Post
    I'm pushing for confirmation on both of those compensations so that I can deliver the contents to you all, and hopefully the delivery dates as well.

    PTS Delay Compensation
    DDoS NA Compensation, round 2
    DDoS EU Compensation, round 1 (don't know if there will be a round 2 yet.)
    Are you still waiting to get an answer about PTS and DDoS round 2 compensation in January? No info yet?

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    Hi TrionWorlds,
    With the recent problems, the inter-server arenas were removed during the event of the aquanaute arena.

    As a result, it was impossible for players to collect enough “Reverse Mirror Piece”, especially to collect the chest against 80 pieces.
    Could you provide compensation (5 pieces for example) to solve the problem? Thank you

    And yes, +1 for account bound items (like mounts/pets, gliders, vehicles) would be great. Actually, we only can trade costumes between characters on a same account. It will be great trade all our items acquired harshly on a new main character

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