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Thread: Plushie Hat Prize Egg (Tailoring item)

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    Plushie Hat Prize Egg (Tailoring item)

    First my english not good but i can try tell about my problem.

    Few days ago i send a ticket but they say ;

    "but if you are unable to locate it in the crafting portfolio feel free to submit this as a bug to the development team using our forums, link provided below.


    And now i tell about my problem..

    Normaly Plushie Hat Prize Egg craftable on the Harani Sewing Machine.
    I want craft this but i dont find it on the harani sewing machine.
    and this item not on the craft list (Folio=press O) (i write item name on the search button)

    u are delete this item? or drops going to other egg (trinket egg)?
    if drop (Elk Beanie Hat) going to Trinket Egg i will craft it

    and " There's nothing in ArcheAge 4.0's patch notes regarding this item "

    thank u ._.

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    I hadn't noticed this, but you are right - the Plushie Hat Prize Egg has vanished from the folio and the Harani Sewing Machine menu.

    Is this deliberate? or an oversight?
    Has the item been merged with the Trinket Egg? or has it been removed from the game altogether?

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