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Thread: How do I start the Blue Salt Brotherhood quest line?

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    Question How do I start the Blue Salt Brotherhood quest line?

    I leveled up to 30. I'm in front of the Blue Salt Brotherhood recruiter at Windshade as I write this and there's no quest. I'm really confused, so I'd really appreciate it if someone gave me a tip.

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    I guess you rely on old outdated tips.

    The new Blue Salt Brotherhood questline starts in Solisa(Halcyona) when you did hit level 30. The Quest is the one from a Person with a green leaf above his/her head. This questline grants you the 8x8 farm, some alchemie profession(10500+the labor you spend), instructions to craft the 2 slot hauler, materials and instruction to craft the 4 slot hauler. A few parts miss everytime so prepare to spend around 300-400g in total on this hauler parts. But definetly cheaper than to build it fully yourself.
    The questline is parallel to your mainquest(the green rhomb). Both together follow this route: Halcyona(West)->Hellswamp(West)->Sanddeep(West)->Rookborn(East)-> Windscour(East)->Ruins of Perinoor(East)->Hasla(East)->Karkasse Ridgelands(West). Here the Bluesaltquestline ends. The Mainquest goes to Auroria.

    The second part starts with level 50 in your hero hall(Austera/Marianople). This one should grant you the donkey and the 16x16 farm if i am correct.
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