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it seems at least the people of conviction have lost all credits. would it be inappropriate to request a seabug mount be given as compensation for this? yes it is a minor issue, most likely fixed immediately, but it's also a mount made for this kind of thing, its not buyable, and theres no way to get one. trying to be creative and realistic, and find a solution everyone can enjoy without getting too bent out of shape or ruining the game economy as some compensation has done in he past..far as i know, i am not breaking rules by stating this, if i am, i apologize.
Hey there,This might have been a temporary display issue, but we're not seeing it on our side. No one has lost any Credits (even if it's showing 0) so let them know to log out of the game and back in to confirm. If they still don't see their Credits ask them to submit a ticket and the support team will get it sorted out.
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