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Thread: Fell through the world and lost pack

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    Fell through the world and lost pack

    I was riding my mirage donkey, transporting a carrot cake pack from the community centre to my Falcorth house when I fell through the ground and both my donkey and I died of falling damage, losing the pack, and having no chance to use the escape function.
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    Falling to the underworld.v1.2.The Hell.

    I have almost the same ussie. 3 days back riding my regular donkey with a pack from Ahnimar to Solzreed i've falled down through the ground. There hasn't been a water and some space above- i've found myself in the darkness under water dying from suffocation. I haven't been injured from falling to the water. My character is an elf and he could survive if there was an air above, but there was only water and the darkness above. I died and i've lost my pack that way. Than i've found my character next to the Nui, but.... with 2 debuffs- a 4 hours sucpicous and retribution!! I was laying on the ground next to the Nui and could do nothing at all. I couldn't move, no skills were avaiable at all. I've waited for the debuff to get expired, and there was about a half an hour to go when i had to shut down my laptop. After i logged in once again i've seen another 4 hours of the both debuffs again. And again i clouldn't play AA at all in 4 hours. I waited again untill they both have totally gone. I played for some time and looged out. What do you think i've seen next login?!! It is again both 4 hours debuffs!! Idk why it's so but i can't play in about 4 days in a raw. Every time i log in the game with that character at that server i have the same 2 4 hours debuffs again. I've lost a lot of gold and resources from the different bugs of the AA, and usually i don't apply on that because by my all expirience of addressing for the help to Trion support i have never got any compensation or excuses. But this time idk how to play at all with that 4 hours debuffs every day. Server Thunderwing (NA) character name- Grimwill.
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