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Thread: New Year’s Buy-One-Get-One Sale

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    New Year’s Buy-One-Get-One Sale

    What is this? I ain't buying 'till I'm sure. So, does 'New Year’s Buy-One-Get-One Sale' mean you buy one product and you get that product, or you get two for the price of one?
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    no no no...

    you're getting one free after purchasing one.
    its all the same thing man...2 for 1, buy 1 get another...etc etc
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    What dimension?
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    It's sad that Trion is so untrusted for tricking and trapping people under their 'no tricks, no traps' policies that this is even a question. Yes, when you buy the items listed you get an extra item included making it a 2 for 1 deal.

    It could be "Buy one Get one Free" but I think a few states have laws around saying these are free if you have to make a purchase. What it really means is buy one item at regular price and get an additional of the same item for no extra costs... but that isn't quite as catchy.

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    When you buy the items just make sure they have the little "bonus " sticker on them or buy them thru the event tab Just to be sure you will get 2 instead of one.

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    Buy 1, get extra 1
    Buy 3, get extra 3
    Buy 10, get extra 10
    Buy 45, get extra 45

    The extra amount is indicated when you push the "purchase" button of the item.

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