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Thread: Allow us to salvage our pre-4.0 gems

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    Allow us to salvage our pre-4.0 gems

    The KR version of AA was able to salvage their old gems when 4.0 launched. We did not get this ability.

    Can we get this ability please? A lot of us have stacks of useless gems from before 4.0. It looks like the new gems coming with 4.5 will be the final nail in the coffin for the old T3 gems so these items are just taking up inventory space.

    I'm confident that this change would be well received by the community.

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    Honestly with the exception to half of the skill gems, in 4.5 we'll have all the previous gems and better versions to boot. Even Evasion is making a return,

    I understood the want to keep the old T3s when 4.0 launched but they are not needed. So please allow for salvaging and just remove the ability to socket the old ones since they are not needed anymore.
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