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Thread: New Fluffy Commands Before/For 4.5

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    New Fluffy Commands Before/For 4.5

    I would like to open up a discussion with the PTS community about this subject. We have a general idea of what is coming and what we will need to test and the hardships we currently are facing.

    If you have suggestions please let us know here what they are and why you feel we need them. Here are mine.

    1. Re-enable the T7 Commands. This is needed because it provides options for testing with different stats and most notably Ayanad Scrolls which are required in crafting with no source to get them on the PTS without spending a godly amount of time.
    2. Oils, Archeum Ore, Gems. With the removal of the wisp system and the crafting changes, the fluffy commands were never updated to help with the engagement of this system. All gems, oils, and archeum ore are needed in far greater quantities to craft items for testing.
    3. Auction House Scroll & Character Expansions: for those on F2P accounts not being able to auction items or expand their character slots for additional resource support is pretty harsh.

    That is my 3 that I think need to be addressed, but what are yours and your thoughts on mine.

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    I agree with these. I myself love crafting in the game when I have nothing better to do, but with a lot of stuff that has been removed, it has gotten harder to craft a lot of stuff, especially gear. I believe it would be best if Archeum, Oils, and the gems would have a command since like you pointed out, that Diamonds are apparently very rare..But as I've seen most of the vehicles and other stuff require Diamonds, Archeum and sometimes Oils, a good amount too. And I defiantly agree with the Character slot Expansions. Instead of making more then 3 accounts it would be better to have the slot scrolls to create about 6 characters on lets say each account. So then you would have more materials or at least a stock of resources without creating more and more accounts. I was thinking and it would be nice to add Rubber in there too, since its so dam rare...unless I am that forsaken and unlucky (which I probably am), it goes with the diamonds since like that vehicles require Diamonds and Rubber for literally everything.

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