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Thread: Why is every game on Glyph Disconnecting? (Not router)

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    Exclamation Why is every game on Glyph Disconnecting? (Not router)

    Heya All, So I've noticed that it seems that a lot of the games on Glyph, RIFT, Trove, and ArcheAge, keeps disconnecting me. NA, EU, even PTS. I am not sure what is happening, and I know its not my connection anymore, because everything that isn't of Glyph is working and keeping a connection. Did something happen in particular? Because everything on ArcheAge PTS and EU was working fine today until I re-loged. All of a sudden I kept DCing on all servers. Tried Trove just to see if it was just ArcheAge, but Trove is also dcing me, and Trove hardly dc's me ever. But still. I thought then that if I was banned. But still. I need help!

    (Edit): And Also I just realized I posted this in the wrong place...meant to put this in the general....not Public Test Server.... (uhhh I hate my self sometimes...)

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    Still in the wrong place...I have this issue too though. Glyph keeps disconnecting, sometimes it disconnects the game client, and then you have to log in to Glyph again before you can restart the game, sometimes it doesn't.

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