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    Missing Quest-lines

    Hello, I've been having issues with couple of my Quest-lines. They appear to be gone from everywhere and I am unable to get them from any of the NPCs or items.
    One of them is the Keeper of the Karkasse quest-line for the "Guardian Of Nuia" title. I checked my quest log for the missions but I could not find it there. Tried doing few missions in Karkasse in case if they would activate the mission but no success. Visited the Honor Point Collector in Karkasse to see if they would have the mission but nothing.

    The second quest-line that is gone just the same way is the "Yny's Guardian Ring" quest-line. I contacted the support and apparently the quest-line just disappeared at "A Fellow Collector" mission which should ask me to go to Apprentice Rudal in Exeloch according to guide I found online. I visited all of the places following the guide just to check if I didn't have the missions there, once again no success.

    I really don't know what would be the cause of this and it's really disappointing as I love collecting titles and the ring is really nice to own as a healer.
    I really really do hope that there is a fix for this.
    Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!

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    This is one of the Titles i have not been able to get.

    Have you had an update on it ?

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    those "Keeper" quests are now started when you stand in a particular location in the zone.

    Unfortunately, I'm not certain of the location of the Karkasse one.

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    Race Quest Chapter 11

    I talked to Scout Karlsburg, which means I have completed the first mission of chapter 11, unfortunately he didn't give me the second mission, so now I am stuck. Plz help me.

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    I was having trouble with finding the beginning to Keeper of the Karkasse as well. Going on what Elorin said I proceeded to ride around to points of interests in Karkasse and perhaps kill a few mobs and move on. Starting from Red Clay Camp and moving southwest I, at last, found the spot you need to stand in order to pick up the quest. Its at the Hasla Worldgate- literally the last place I looked.

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    Same, I can't find the one for Karkasse and Rookborn I think, can the Game Developers address this soon please?
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    As NobleSabre pointed out, for the Karkasse quest line you need to go to where the Hasla Worldgate is in the southwest point. It is south of Hardbleak Island, going up to the Worldgate at the end of the path should trigger the first part of the Keeper of Karasse I.

    For Warden of Rookborne Basin I, it is next to the Sanddeep Worldgate just past the entrance from Silent Forest (north of Cloudspin Gorge) at the top of the map.

    I hope this helps.

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