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    hi. I just have 1 question related to the patches we receive. Why do we always get huge patches every couple of months? As a sugestion, and as many other western publishers have opted for you could just split those big patches into multiple ones. This allows us to have a constant feel of progressing in the game instead of waiting half a year for 1 big patch. Also some of these changes will fit for players a lot better in singles than all at once. For instance 4.5 yet again will change a lot how game works, zone changes, gem changes, skill changes, everything really. It would be a lot better if every part of that patch would come sooner or later than the others test it out and see how it goes. Also this would allow parts of the patch that you already translated and tested to come for us now instead of all at once in 4.5. I think this would ballance the game a lot, and also get much closer to what korea patches everytime.

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    On a side note:

    For at least the Q & A livestreams, can we get a written version of the Qs & As covered in the livestream?

    Even if it's posted the next week, just update the OP and hopefully that can help with the repeating questions.

    Speaking of, updated.
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    Since trion failed his negociation with xl games about the car upgrade ticket :

    This message is confirmation that the variants of the Rampage will be available in the following methods:

    Black Rampage -- Attainable through the Archeum Erenor Eternal Pack.
    Gold Rampage -- Attainable through 3 Golden Tokens on the Marketplace in the near future..
    Silver Rampage -- Attainable via in-game crafting, the same way the other cars are obtained

    Source :

    Celestrata promised C200 for 3 Golden token.. When this' will be release ? How many months we have to wait ? This will indeed help new player a bit.

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    Locking the thread!

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