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Thread: need advise

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    need advise

    hello im a 7660 darkrunner since im mob farming right now. my question is what weapon should i get now that i finished my t7 legendary sword. my offhand right now is cold angiush. i have divine buff im using obisdian helm and boots ayanad leggings meines gloves epic depl belt and wrist delp chest divine delp flame bow epic anthem acc all ayanad gale earing flame ring.
    my crit is 26% and crit damage 129.8%.
    i was thinking of geting a shortspear or maybe upgrade to frozen agnuish. but not sure. any help would be nice stats.png

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    that crit rate of yours is way too low (at least with the current system; 4.5 may change that, but even then: )
    - you use battle rage's second passive, right? if not, do so
    - costume at legendary+ (+5.4% at 100% eternal costume)
    - undergarments at legendary+ (+4.8% at 100% eternal underwear)
    - t2 galeglow lunagems in your helm (6x1.5%= +9% when fully gemmed)

    as for your offhand weapon:
    - if you go for a shortspear, it cannot be obsidian (they can only be used as a main weapon)
    - I think frozen anguish is a good choice (got 1 too); 4% crit rate is amazing and it can be regraded so you have all necessary gem slots (which is a problem with the cold anguish which is fixed at heroic) -> imo frozen anguish is a cheaper version of an erenor katana with lower stats
    - anything that fits your play style, but increasing crit rate and crit damage is always a good thing as long as it does not influence your melee attack

    so my suggestion would be:
    work on frozen anguish
    then costume
    then undergarments
    (or if you have a costume and undergarments, change them)
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