Looking for Fun, so ever heard the term 'Pocket healer" ? Well today is your LUCKY day.. I'll be your huckleberry! I am in dire need of a dps friend to do things with. yes yes! have somewhat good gear,. still working on it, and that's why I'm advertising.
Cause, do you know how hard it is to farm mobs that wanna kill you and all you can do efficiently is heal them to death?! Takes forever! Even with the coolest battle pet around.
So here is my offer, what I am willing to give and he rest, well it can be haggled out in the long run. FREE smiles! Aww yea! Who doesn't love free?! Well I will be giving them to you WHENever you need!! In the middle of pvp? I got'chu.. SMILE! In the middle of a boring trade run and all you wanna do is /wrists SMILE! I GOT you Again!
Now I know,. I'm sure I won you over with all them smiles, but I got more to give! GENEROUS you say? I KNOW!! that's the kinda person I am. Free, yes i said free, HUGS!
Now I know you are thinking to yourself. How can you go wrong here,. well to put it plainly you can't! FREE hugs and Smiles Whenever your little heart desires! If this sounds like something you want, and I'm sure you are, find me in game,. I'm small but not to be underestimated, blonde but not born yesterday, Oh , and my name is FaeBear... I'll be waiting with loads of Free to give away at the price of your dps so I can farm in sungold, library, and well my own front yard cause dps is hard... =S