Raising a treasure chest from the ocean depths gives a debuff called "Ghastly Aura." This curse makes the salvager unable to attach Recovery Pouches to any other chests for 120 seconds. I do believe this was implemented when sunken treasure chests were redesigned to be more prolific, with the idea that this would make it harder for bots to farm them. Waiting two minutes between chests would certainly do that. However, it has also harmed salvagers who desired to claim this booty for themselves.

I propose that the debuff be amended to only last for 80 seconds.

Once a chest has been attached to a Recovery Pouch, it ascends for 40 seconds before it can be opened. Assuming the salvager swims up to the treasure trunk, it is reasonable to assume that he will take around 40 seconds to swim back down, so a total of 80 seconds has passed.

This change would make the salvaging more refined and improve the popularity of treasure diving.