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Thread: How to report greedy people?

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    Thumbs up How to report greedy people?

    I've been playing for a couple months on and off now, and when i finally decided to gather materials I and I've seen other being inconvenienced by greedy people. I began mining to collect materials for myself and my friend, but people (3 so far) just jump in and don't divide areas (which should be obvious) so we all get a fair chance to get materials and levels. Is there a way to report people who are just plain greedy and inconvenient to other players? I see a report in the drop down but it doesn't show anything about being able to report such people.
    Names wont be mentioned but this is just getting seriously ridiculous...
    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    It's an open world sand box game.

    No, you don't get to report people for being mean to you, or not sharing.

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    have you tried hog tying them, dragging them to your factions capital city and slowly murdering them as a public display with a rusty razor, slicing layer by layer, rubbing salt into the newly sliced flesh after each pass. Of course you have to be careful they don't bleed out so pacing yourself is important. Also if you have any prof. in tailoring i would recommend sewing all excretion holes closed(or just use a hot iron if no tailoring, it'll sear the openings close) this will lead them to suffer from sepsis since they are unable to expel waste. Another thing, those thin slices of flesh you cut off can be used to feed them aswell. (its inhumane to let your victim starve you know) Sadly however eventually they will die, but don't worry they still can be useful! You can hang them from your respective hero hall statue as a warning to all those who hurt your feelings. hope this helps you solve your issue... cheers =)

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    Seriously, just wait a bit and you'll be able to gather the materials that you need. That's the tactic I use.
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