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Thread: Welcome to ThundeRIP!

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    Welcome to ThundeRIP!

    <Outcasts> own one castle (RIP ally), <RIP> and their alt guilds own 3, and after yesterday's sieges the <RIP> leads alt is Sovereign of WEST SIDE nation. No wonder the east so endearingly refers to the server as ThunderWest (I still call it Thunderwhine).

    I guess it was cheaper to buy the Nation from Disaster than to reform it and/or build a castle for Lord's Coins.

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    I think they kind of earned it just by seeing how many East Side got stuck on mist walls.

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    Hmm... I wonder how well RIP can handle running castles after their big purchase...



    Hmm... maybe shouldn't have kicked my alt out of Hostile...

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    Honestly RIP isn't that impressive. Outside of their high geared players, who don't really need skill considering all they have, they don't really pose much threat.

    I do find it funny though that Easties decided to jump on the proverbial band wagon of RIP based broken promises of content and money. All RIP does is farm east for their packs, which I've heard some don't try to contest them for, and then fails to deliver content because RIP can't organize for anything.

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    Honestly RIP has been the most disappointing force in Archeage.

    They had the largest most geared guild/alliance on the server to date. Started off with their main guild, their secondary guild and allying another large west guild outcast while working with KGB.
    RIP / Outcast didn't really show up for anything the first few months and RIP entirely avoided pvp unless it was 5am.
    Constantly using the excuse "we dont have people at prime time" as they had 20-30 people running around mistmerrow during content and had no issue with prime time before server merge or after west side left.

    They purchased west side nation instead of making their own and started recruiting from every other server even paying some groups to help them. Allying a few east guilds and bringing raids of 80 to fight 40 pug west and still losing every fight for months.
    The second better guilds come to the server they instantly go into hiding again and only show up at 5am.

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