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Thread: Ocultism [Urgency]

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    Ocultism [Urgency]

    Would the developers consider bringing 'urgency' in line with 'refreshment' why even have a 90 second buff in the game, its super annoying to constantly refresh. Making it 30 minutes would be a quality of life change and not affect the power of the ability or class at all.

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    It does matter a bit in terms of PvP, if the combat goes on for long enough, it will drop off and you'll have to rebuff while trying not to get CC'd or continue on without it. And other people will definitely NOT want your having healspear/crows/crippling mire on a lower cooldown and will be incentivized to prevent the rather long cast. It's good counterplay in arenas, really.

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    Don't worry

    Most of the 30 min buffs go away in 4.5.

    Urgency changes a bit in 4.5. Its only 60 seconds and it doesn't have a flat cooldown reduction. But, lets not get ahead of oursevles.

    Don't worry too much about anything really. 4.5 is a total game changer.

    Keep an eye out on this guy https://omnom.io/ He will get the translations done. The 4.5 entry from September is incorrect. It was correct when he translated it, but it has since changed. So don't rely on that, but the other stuff he's put out on 4.5 does reflect lots of changes.

    I've also put out a video on it, which will show some of the upcoming changes. The link to my youtube is in my signature.

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    >Super Annoying
    >Quality of life

    Did you ever consider reactivating the ability often forces you to input more effort and thus feel a bit more satisfaction out of the ability?

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