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Thread: Iron Ore

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    Iron Ore

    Since the change in nodes from Iron to Stone with the patch, how does one go about acquiring Iron Ore? What is the best source?

    Thank you.

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    Just mine the stock blocks

    Fortuna veins now drop between 18-27 iron ore.
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    Miners farmhouses

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    Miner's Farmhouse

    I am leveling my mining up to 230k (I am dying to know what the unknown veins are!) and I have two Miner's farm houses. I have 66k Iron Ore in a chest. Sixty Six Thousand! Only another 40k skill to go. I will probably end up close to 100k ore.

    Get a Miner's farmhouse, and after 50k make sure you get the additional freestanding mines from the fortuna vein quest each day.

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