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    Ezi's Light Buff and Figureheads

    Greetings, Adventurers!

    Recently, there has been an increasing number of instances of players using a long standing behavior to kill world bosses such as the Leviathan, and Abyssal Kraken. This method involves using the destruction of a clipper to generate a temporary Ezi's Light buff, allowing a player to bypass the cooldown on the figurehead of their ships.

    While this method is using mechanics that are in game, and have been for quite some time, we feel that this type of gameplay is not working as it is intended, due to the ability to negate the cooldown of figureheads. We have previously requested a review of this functionality and will be doing so once again. At this time, this is considered an unsupported feature that will be placed under review, but is not disallowed. Bear in mind, that the use of this combined with any other type of actions that violate our policies, or if used to an extreme degree, may result in disciplinary action taken on offending accounts.

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    This post has spawned a lot of conversation around the topic of exploits, especially surrounding Levi. One of those posts ( http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?337296 ) was given a response from Khrolan. The questions and answers have been pasted below:

    (These answers are directly from Khrolan)
    1. Is it considered an exploit to swap ship parts if it bypasses the cooldown of a part?

    Much like animation cancelling with abilities back in the day, we view it as unintended, but don't directly action it. It's ultimately XL's call - we've reported it as a bug so it's up to them to make a change.

    2. Is bypassing the figurehead cooldown when swapping ship parts an intended game mechanic?

    We're the publisher, not the developer, but will continue to ask on your behalf. We tend to think it's not intended, but we reported it over 2 years ago and nothing has changed. We'll be pushing for a change given this recent event.

    3. In what circumstances would it be considered an exploit if someone were to alter the path of the Leviathan?

    We'd review each case individually, if you have a specific case - call it out. As a general rule, here are SOME of the things we consider:
    a) does this put the NPC/boss/creature in a situation where it cannot respond or retaliate;
    b) what is the degree of risk to successfully use this method;
    c) can it be reproduced 100% of the time;
    d) can a third party disrupt the activity through opposition.

    4. The warning in this thread http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...=1#post2668729 leaves a lot of ambiguity as to how much the swapping method is allowed to be used before it is considered an exploit. How much is too much? How often is too often?

    We're aware of the situation right now and the use hasn't exceeded our threshold. It's a method that's not only used in our region so our approach is to have XL evaluate it, and not intervene otherwise. If we were to change that decision we'd warn the offending parties before we'd suspend them.

    5. How will you moderate the usage of the exploit (if it is an exploit), or is there an option to disable exploitable functions until they can be fixed/updated?

    We generally don't correct game play with policy unless there's an extremely offensive thing happening, or if XL instructs us to. However, we do report everything. Note that some the issues we've historically corrected through policy include:
    • tradepack/npc blocking
    • thunderwing titan pillar humping
    • the original leviathan incident

    Based on the detail above in answer 3, these cases I just mentioned grossly violate nearly all of our factors. There are plenty of other historical, sub-optimal game play issues that we've not actioned:
    • GHA boss glitching
    • Serpentis wall abuse
    • cross-faction tower capping at mistmerrow
    • halcyona golem blocking
    • guard NPCs attacking ships instead of flagged players

    So this specific case is currently viewed as the latter but we reserve the right to graduate the decision to actionable category if we need to.

    6. Should this be considered an exploit, what actions will be taken against those who participate in using the exploit?

    Right now it's considered "unsupported game play" - meaning we don't encourage you to do it and it's done at your own risk. It also means that we won't action for it, and if we decide to, we will warn offenders first.

    tl;dr - You do you, until we warn you otherwise. Also, all ya'll are doing it, so chill.

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