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Thread: Underwear evaluation for DPS melee

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    Underwear evaluation for DPS melee


    Would you please evaluate this underwear?

    I play Argent, Inquisitor, Darkrunner.
    I am often the target of enemy attacks. As soon as I am spotted I'm targeted (regardless if I'm even the best target to go for). And healers I fight with are sometimes a little slow, so I need some protection against force targeting.

    My specific question: should I keep the higher melee and magic attack damage reduction? Or just go for overall, lower reduction (damage reduction to all), and gain another melee specific stat? It might require many re-rolls. Just wondering how bad overall this costume is for solo and raid oriented pvp.

    I have heard of some going for nothing BUT damage reduction on their costumes (reduce all, reduce archery, melee, magic).

    I need the focus because I just crated T7 and my 285 focus gems decided not to cooperate. My weap is now filled with crit stuff and minimum focus. :/

    Thank you


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    There is no such thing as all damage reduction on underwear. It's only on costumes.

    In raid pvp all offensive stats on costume/underwear are generally used by dps classes like DR.

    Focus will be nerfed alot in 4.5 because block/parry won't stop melee CC and also won't block damage completely. So evasion will be only problem. But it's months away.

    I think this costume is not bad. You can use it if you aren't crazy about min/max everything. Anyway it's probably too late for rerolling because it's mythic already. You can check this great post about how to make costumes/underwear. http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...crafting-guide

    Good luck!

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