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Thread: Mages Vs Missile Rain

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    Mages Vs Missile Rain

    As cloth 2H mage how do you defend from Missile Rain?

    in mass pvp i m always shotted by this skill (cloth 2h mage 7k gear 5k pdef)

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    you swap to a shield while you see the animation going off, and laugh at the stupidity that is the random block arrow proc shields have.

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    ty but already tried and still shotted with 8k pdef.. to survive you need shield, some plate armor pieces, lens and def song (15k pdef) but big lose magic attack

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    To defend against Missile Rain, don't get hit by Missile Rain. No but seriously, especially now with the new crit gems on geared Ebonsongs it is probably the most broken skill in RvR right now. Way better than GW when it comes to aoe, you don't even have to aim it. But yeah, what I try to do is watching the archers that I know are capable of one shotting me with it and then swapping to shield/maybe serp shield if it is off cd, do a sloth backdrop out of range and just pray you survive. It gets me often enough still and I die to archers way more than to darkrunners. That's just how the game is atm.

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    Dont filter to the edges where you can be focused with missle rain. The ability works on 6 targets. If there is only 6 targets or less, each person gets 10 arrows directed at them. If there is more than 6, its random which 6 get hit each volley. Most archers have no idea how the ability works and just fire it into the crowd so it has a diluted impact when you are closer to other folks. If they aim at you and you are off to the side, more chance you will get all 10 arrows directed at you.

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