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Thread: 2hand or 1hand

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    2hand or 1hand

    With the recent information about the new skill tree on 4.5 im wondering as DR/Executioner what path should i take. Atm im using 2hand, and i want to buy a legendary nodachi in few weeks, but im not 100% if this is the right thing to do. If someone know what it is the actual meta in KR 4.5 about 4.5 melee dps, if they use 2hand or 1hand, pls teach me =D.

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    Dual-wield is better and it isn't even close and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

    7 extra gem slots. period.

    In 4.5 we are talking ~52% extra crit dmg from 2h or like 85% on dual wielding.

    nothing else need be said

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