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Thread: Topic of Crime Points / Jury system

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    Topic of Crime Points / Jury system

    As of now, the Jury system in AA is ineffective. Jurors either ask how an offender wants them to vote, or pass their verdict based on who you are or who your crimes are against. And while 4.5 introduces an easily circumvented anonymity into the system, I do not think that the crime system is working as intended. "Green Pirate" guilds have become more and more prevalent in the past 6 months, and its members often face little repercussions due to an ineffective deterrent. While pirating and PvP is a large draw for players to AA, it has become commonplace (and almost encouraged) for a guild/players to consistently harass their own faction, gain massive amounts of gold from doing so, yet still be afforded the comfort and numbers of their own faction in raids such as CR, GR, and Abyssal. If pirating is a primary activity of a guild, or a player, they should indeed be part of the pirate faction and face the repercussions, dangers, and experiences that the game intends as a result of these activities.

    A potential solution would be to automatically allot a set number of crime points for each reported crime, such as 5pts for theft, 15pts for murder, etc; while still using the jury to determine the severity of the offender's punishment. This juror-determined severity could be a selection of a multiplier to the crime points presented at the trial, or even expanding upon the trial system by adding potential timed debuffs to this selection menu: such as being locked from joining or forming a raid for 12hrs, or the inability to activate Bloodlust for a likewise duration.

    In the crime system of AA, there is no "innocent", because only by committing a crime are you put on trial. Therefore, it is both faulty and harmful to the majority of players for a jury to have the ability to reduce a player's crime points with a false "innocent" verdict. Reducing crime points with Draughts of Forgiveness should be the only manner of reducing a player's crime points. The recent addition of a cooldown on these items is an excellent first step to correcting the issue we currently face within AA.

    With the positive changes of patch 4.5 quickly approaching, along with a returning fervor both for and from the community, Archeage has the potential to adapt some of the ineffective or exploitable systems that have driven players away in the past.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope for the best.

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    The only thing wot i read is from a Potato" Pls let me potato in Peace in War/Conflict Zones"iksdeh

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    some quality input from a ganker, as well.

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