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    PTS Downtime - 2/5/18 - 1PM PST (9PM UTC) [COMPLETE]

    Greetings, testers!

    We will be bringing PTS down for weekly maintenance and a small update at 1 PM PST (9 PM UTC) on Monday, February 5th. Downtime is expected to last 90 minutes. We appreciate your patience during this downtime!

    Update: PTS is open once again!

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    Update done, but Fort on DS still up how we can farm gems for cloack? we dont have too many peoples to kill fort
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    Hi there

    the PTS server patched yesterday , however now when i try play , it wants to re download the entire game again, why is that, i know that on live servers if you patch say EU the NA will do the same want to re download, but i didnt think the PTS would do that.

    Any1 got some solution for me please?

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