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    Creator Requirements?

    Hey guys, I'm starting a youtube channel and I would like to apply to become a creator later. I'm just wondering if there are any minimums or any requirements? Basically my main feature is crafting in the games I play plus fun stuff like decorating and collecting fluff. Archeage is my main game, but I'll try a few others (unturned, creativerse, etc) every so often. Also, I have few blogs about RL crafting (I'm learning blacksmithing!).

    Is this too much to be considered a Trion creator? I'm OK with not becoming one, but it would be nice. Thanks

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    Becoming a Trion Creator is based on quality content about Trion's games and the amount of effort you put in. Crafting and building in ArcheAge is great to see, and if you have a blog related to our games that also helps! Having a social media (Twitter or Facebook) for your channel is a big plus, and be sure to @ArcheAge or @TrionCreators when you make new content. There are no strict subscriber/follower limit to joining, and if we see you are consistently trying to become a Creator we will try to support you.

    Feel free to apply at https://www.trionworlds.com/en/creators/ and email creator@trionworlds.com with all your channel details. If you don't get accepted into the Trion Creator Program at first, you are welcome to re-apply by emailing us.

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