Take flight with a pair of golden wings, Inoch’s Battle Robes, and a brand new damage reducing Lunastone.

Golden Inoch Package

Unleash the power of the legendary hero, Inoch! This pack features the gorgeous Inoch’s Battle Robes and the new Golden Astra Wings (Bind On Purchase). You’ll soar like never before.

The original white version of the Astra Wings will become available for 2500 credits in the Marketplace.

You can also channel this hero's power with Inoch's Lunastone. It will grant you 0.3% damage reduction per hit that stacks up to 7 times! (Wrapped for 1250 Credits, or Bind On Purchase for 600 Loyalty Tokens)

APEX Mega Sale

Thinking of stocking up on some APEX? Now is the PERFECT time to add to your collection, as we’re providing a limited time gift of bonus APEX on purchases! Starting today, visit the ArcheAge Glyph Shop to enjoy these special offers:
  • Buy the 5 APEX pack and receive a bonus gift of 1 APEX with purchase
  • Buy the 10 APEX pack and receive a bonus gift of 3 APEX with purchase

- The ArcheAge Team