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Thread: Movement speed

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    Movement speed

    What is the soft cap?

    And how hard is it?

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    I think the softcap is 9.something (3? 7?) m/s and in most cases no passive things (gems, gear, actual passives) will break it, but active things like skills (Freerunner, Comet's Boon, dashing) will increase it above that. I need to note, this is my experience with SWIM speed. I imagine the cap applies to land speed as well since swim speed includes move speed. However, you probably won't reach the cap on land speed, you can stack swim speed a lot harder.

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    My best speed cap was 8.3m/s no buffs.
    I still had 1% from costume missing, only had the delph divine gale 4-piece, ayanad leg cloak, 2 3.0% and 3 2.6% gems, serp daggers (just for lawls), archery passive, and boot lunafrost 5%. If I could fully min-max. 9 m/s would sound about right, and thats before i count the 10% from tricorn hat stacks (9.1 m/s from 8.3) i can run as fast as a T2 mount (15.3 m/s+) for about 4 seconds, with all skill speed buffs, and even faster if I stack speed scrolls.

    Ease of access: Easy/Moderate (costume rng, T3 breakable gems, serp run drop + Sodl drops)
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