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Thread: Sparring Arena - classes and defence choices.

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    Thumbs up Sparring Arena - classes and defence choices.

    I think there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Arenas and the choices we are now given upon entering arenas, and the advantage of being the first into Arena with the new load in period.
    There is two points, which at the moment, are turning me off participating in the Sparring Arena.

    1. Whomever loads in first to the arena gets a clear advantage, as they are able to see the oppositions class and normal gear set, which then allows them to counter select a defence type (cloth, leather, plate and the offence choices from there). This is a massive disadvantage especially because by the time the 2nd player has joined, they don't get to mirror the same method, they get immediately ported to either side of the arena and prepare to fight.
    2. Why are Primevals fighting plate mages / healers and mages fighting cloth Darkrunners?
    For example, I've just been reminded of why I hate Sparring Arenas again after being rolled by a Greatclub wielding Paladin in Plate Armour, as a dual wielding leather Primeval.

    I think a lot of the community would share the same feelings, although may be guilty of the same tactics. Are we just going to ignore this and let it stay like this?
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    I quit doing arenas after a few days of 4.0 changes. Plate Primevals and Plate DPS mages? These players do not use these builds in open world events/dungeons and only use it to cheese the new system put in place. I load fairly quickly and usually play Blighter (DR's are never an issue), so i can see what classes I'm against to know whether i need "Cheese" cloth or my real plate armor. Before 4.0 i enjoyed the arenas, as it was pretty typical of skill/class based instead of cheesy armor choices.

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