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Thread: Please I need ur opinion! [MAGE] 4.0/4.5

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    Please I need ur opinion! [MAGE] 4.0/4.5

    Hi, so I'm a mage main and in just getting into the final stages of preparing to make all of my equipment but I'm having the biggest internal debate of what I'm going to use.

    I love DPS I want to hit hard so I have been playing staff. (I play Enigma atm but have played daggerspell and will switch between the different types) however my debate is:

    For maximum dps do I go erenor staff or do I go erenor scep + obsidian dagger. Which one of them will provide more dps the magic pen buff from the staff or the crit damage from the dual weild?

    With my armour should I go with ayanad lake until I'm ready to make it erenor or do I go with obsidian cold flames. My debate here is obsidian has nice passive but if I go ayanad I can also resell it later if I decide to change build. It is also easier to regrade. The potential of erenor is also far greater than obsidian.

    These are my internal thoughts that I'm debating like mad. I would really appreciate any veteran players opinion as I'm not that experienced compared to most of you. Thank you!

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    In most cases people tend to choose 2h weapons for higher dmg output or dual wield, for better socketing.

    Currently people migt favor more dual wield because of new crit gems.
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