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Thread: The Horror! O.O

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    The Horror! O.O

    I am borrowing my Mother's laptop while A.) I see what's wrong with my Laptop. B.) Getting a nice Desktop for the stability. It seriously barely runs the game but is sufficient enough for me to do menial tasks and get my Loyalty Tokens. PvP or PvE is literally out of the question from all the lag from using a 7 year old Not Gaming laptop to access my game. But this isn't the scariest thing about using a substandard laptop to play a game like Archeage. This is what greets me at my log in screen when I want to play my Dwarf.

    Help me play Monster Hunter World for the Xbox One.

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    I can run this game better on Microsoft Windows Vista better then Windows 10 XD
    Been a month and my ticket have yet been resolve.
    My account was hacked and i lost everything
    Never Solved but not happy

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