So I've been trying to get my Astra wings brought over to Sebi, from Kiwi, for a while now because I no longer play Kiwi. For personal reasons, and every time I tried to put in a ticket they would decline me, some just saying no, giving a copy and pasted response each time, or they would say there would be an exception to the rule, but then still deny me even after I had mentioned that I had paid for the expensive package. I still fail to see how moving my wings over to my new character would harm the economy, and when I expressed this they said they were able to move things over like my 16x Solar which would affect the in game economy, but not my wings which I paid actual money for.
There was no way I would know a Warborn race would come out at the time the Astra wings were released, so I couldn't have just bought the package and leave it be until they came out.
Then the other day the Astra wings were up on the market place for cheaper than what I purchased them for originally, and I am irritated over that fact because apparently Trion fully expects me to rebuy my wings? I put in another ticket due to it and was told that I could just rebuy them.
Is there really no way I can reclaim my wings on Sebi? I mean Kiwi and Sebi are on the same e-mail so I honestly fail to see why I can't v.v