I apologize if this is not the proper section to post a question regarding a warning/removal of my forum post in general discussions.

The post was about an academic research project I am conducting. The reason for removal of the post was "Do not post spam or advertisements."

I would just like to confirm that even though I was only asking forum members if they would be willing to direct message me about Archeage, customer service, and how Archeage makes money, that this would be in violation of the rules (and if so, I will happily take this post down too). The research seeks to determine how MMORPGs are being received, where they could be improved, and how they could make the most money, hopefully ensuring their well-received success in the future. To clarify, there would be no money involved and the interviews would take place via direct messaging on this forum, meaning I would not be funneling anyone elsewhere.

I attempted to respond to the DM from archeage directly, but it said the account was full, so I assume it is unmonitored.

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