The sordid romantic affair of Prince Yateo and Princess Greeniette continues, complete with evil quadruplets and plenty of sweet rewards!

To express her love for Prince Yateo on their anniversary, the Princess Greeniette decided on making chocolate. But wait! What's this?! There's FOUR YATEOS! Who could be the real Yateo? And what are the dark desires of these impostors? Are they after just chocolate, or something more?

Help Princess Greeniette find the real Prince Yateo, and give him his favorite chocolate. Each Yata prince you deliver chocolate will grant you a token that matches their identity. Completing the quest each day rewards 500 Honor and a Greenman Chocolate - a small combat buff candy. Astute detectives will earn unique titles, Honor, Lunarite, and Gilda Stars!

Read carefully and you'll be rewarded for helping Greeniette reconnect with her main squeeze. This love mystery will continue until February 27th. After the event ends, once per day over 4 days, we'll reveal one Yata prince to be an impostor or the real Yateo! You'll receive 2 Gilda for each incorrect guess, and 3 Gilda for each correct guess.

Hopefully you can help these two lovebirds reconnect for their anniversary of love!