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    I would also like to point out we have this Daily Schedule tab that has literally never been used for anything, and I imagine it would be very helpful to both new and old players.

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    I believe all of the events could stand to be pushed back a couple hours. From personal experience (with old timers), Mid-day Kraken was one of the hardest events to pull people for because it was middle of the day in US. Similarly, the current Auroria warehouses are automatically activated in the middle day which is pretty awkward.

    I also know people who don't get off until well after Abyssal starts; I think depending on timezone, a good portion of people even aren't home until the 7pm est quest reset time.
    I also understand the desire to pop bosses at the same time in order to artificially create 'competition' or the choice between bosses, which doesn't really exist on any servers, but
    we'll keep that design for the sake of stability. My suggestions also take into consideration the ability to change the 'daily reset' time.


    6:00 Abyssal (pushed back 30 mins)
    6:30 Luscas (pushed back 30 mins)
    (This gives people time to get out there, the first 30 minutes of Abyssal are usually sluggish anyway) get their quests, open their dailies, etc
    7:30 TERRITORY WAREHOUSES ACTIVATED (pushed back a lot, current times are horrible)
    8:00 RESET (pushed back 1 hour)
    8:05 Mistmerrow (same time as reset +5 mins, with new shorter timer ends before ghost ships spawn)
    8:30 Delphinad ghost ships, Kraken (Tues, Thurs, Sat)
    8:30 Delphinad ghost ships, Red Dragon (Mon, Weds, Friday)

    Big change: Levi spawns only on Sunday.

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    In my opinion as a player in Europe servers,
    The bosses spawn should be over written.
    Currently there is only 3 busy days overall- Abyssal, Kraken, Red Dragon, DGS all at the same days(Tuesday, Thursday and Staturday) While other days it pretty much Just DGS and Leviathan(not on sunday).
    First of all, need to take in advance the changes for summer and winter clock around europe. Bosses spawn will be one hour later (for me east europe time currently bosses like dragon/kraken despawn at 1AM and soon will be 2AM)
    I think first timers need to be in Europe servers on CEST and UTC based. About boss spawn and events- Leviahthan spawn need to be much earlier at days there is no abyssal like a replacement. On Mistmerrow Shouldnt be any boss spawn. And definitely sunday need to have more content after siege time.

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    IMO Boss timers should always be split up:

    Lower bosses
    Flamelord, Windlord, Nazar, Morpheus, etc. they currently have a fixed spawn as they spawn x hours after being killed, despawn after y hours if not killed.
    The only change I would love to see, is they wouldn’t despawn. Basically like it was before 3.5.
    But that’s only a minor concern =)

    Pushed bosses
    These include all rift bosses (CR/GR/Whalesong/Aegis) and Thunderwing Titan.
    Nothing wrong with these, players have full control over when and if the bosses spawn or not.
    Perfect in my opinion.

    Content bosses
    Basically, Kraken, Red Dragon, Leviathan and I would like to include Delphinad Ghost Ships/Abyssal Attack/Luscas in this.

    Every single one of them spawns multiple times a week, but they spawn at fixed timers. They do spawn at NA prime time, when most of the NA people are online. (or EU prime time on EU servers)

    Bad thing about that is:

    Timezones exist. 8PM West Coast = 11PM East Coast = 1AM in Brazil. Besides that, a lot of EU people just prefer to play on NA servers (language, friends from other games etc), same things with OCE/Asian people. A large portion of the game’s population is never online during NA primetime. Therefor I would love make a proposition:

    Don’t have fixed timers on the most important bosses/events. I’ll explain with an example:

    Leviathan currently spawns 3 time a week. This happens on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

    As it spawns 3 times a week and a week containing 168h, you could say it spawns every 56h on average. This would result, considering maintenance is finished at 10AM on Wednesday (as it usually is):

    First Leviathan spawns: Wednesday 10AM (when server has just finished maintenance)
    Second Leviathan spawns: Friday 6PM
    Third Leviathan spawns: Monday 2AM

    Obviously there is still a problem. Timers are now quite nicely spread out over the week and day, but you just feel it ain’t good. There is a fixed morning spawn (that doesn’t even spawn if maintenance is extended) + there is still a large gap where people will log on and find nothing to do. To solve that I would like to suggest a second change.

    Timers with a range
    Our precious Leviathan won’t have a fixed 56h spawn, but f.e. a ranged 50-62 hour spawn after being killed. These bosses do not despawn if not killed.

    According to this:
    First Leviathan spawns as soon as the server is up after patch
    Second and every other spawn: 50-62 hours after being killed, exact timer can be seen in the Hero Hall.
    Maintenances do NOT reset the timer.

    Same thing for Kraken, Red Dragon, DGS, Abyssal Attack and Luscas (although the last three should have a timer like 22-26h after being killed)
    Having these ranged timers will allow the most important bosses spawn at completely random moments. People in pretty much every timezone will be able to contest these. After a few weeks there should’ve been enough spawns to ensure that everyone was able to contest at least one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maklah View Post
    you know whats missing from this post? the actual times of bosses. try googling it....the times out there are all out of date. IMO give us all the timers here in this post so we can give opinions
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    I would love to see pre-3.5 worldbosses, AKA "lower tier" WBs not despawning until they are killed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovorack View Post
    After a few weeks there should’ve been enough spawns to ensure that everyone was able to contest at least one.
    Let's be real here, how many people are actually going to contest? The last time I've ever heard of a random group of people coming to contest a boss [that isn't an established guild that can already come contest] was months ago.

    Randomized boss timers sound like a terrible idea to begin with, and here's why:

    First and foremost, why would anyone with a pug mentality wait anywhere from 1-4 hours for a boss to spawn to go contest it? That's 4 hours that could've been spent on running packs, or farming, or whatever.

    Secondly, even if that pug wanted to contest the boss, but didn't want to waste time waiting and decided to run packs, what would happen if they were in the middle of a 20-30 minute long run from one end of the continent to the other and the boss spawned 5 minutes in? A normal pug isn't going to drop their packs on the ground and go contest a boss, they're going to finish the run (and probably not contest the boss at all)

    Thirdly, what about freefarm guilds? They're not going to want to wait 1-4 hours for the boss to spawn to kill it, especially with how worthless 90% of boss drops are nowadays (I'm looking at you, RD/TWT) and even if they decided they weren't going to kill it, the chances of anyone else going to do it are low.

    The idea has good intentions, but it's completely ignoring the "how many people want to contest?" factor. Having been in a freefarm guild for way too long in this game, I assure you that answer is a very, very low amount of people. The last thing anyone would want to do is sit around waiting for a boss or event to start at an unpredictable time.

    Now, let's say that this change was to occur and bosses would spawn, stay up until killed, and then respawn in a range of hours later. There's way too many issues with this in its own right:

    We all remember the 24 hour Krakens and 6 hour Delphinad Ghost Ships, they weren't fun at all.

    Another issue lies in a small group's ability to stall a boss until it reaches their primetime and then kill it themselves. Let's say an Australian guild on NA has low numbers when the boss spawns, stalls it until they can pull their full numbers and then kill the boss while a North American guild's numbers would be ridiculously low as it'd be early in the morning. Not only would they have a free kill, but the boss would respawn within their time range. And they could do it every week if they wanted to.

    Now, I didn't ignore the part where you said Hero Halls would display respawn timers to the point, however, this is XLGames we're talking about here. The only boss they've ever done that for is Thunderwing Titan, when many other bosses have had respawn times that could be manipulated by players and did not have their respawn timers displayed. Hell, you can't even find the timers for RD/Kraken/DGS in-game anywhere.

    TL;DR: Randomized timers are a terrible idea since people aren't going to want to wait around for them to spawn at an unpredictable time. We've always had fixed timers, and it works for the majority--Let's keep it that way.

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    Can we please have the daily events schedule DISPLAY according to either our individual time zones or a "minutes/hours until event" indication. You already do it with housing demo times. This game is years old and even old-timers still have to ask "how long until X" frequently. UTC / Game time is pointlessly annoying. A simple event countdown would work for everyone regardless of timezone. It would also be nice to ADD the boss spawn times to the event schedule in game.

    No one wants to have to do do the mental calculations (ok, maybe some of you weirdos do). CR is at 12:00 game time and it's 4:36a in game. 36 minutes is .6 hours, so that means 7.4 hours in game time. It's 15min of real world time for every game hour, so that's 111 minutes. 60 minutes in an hour, so that's 1 hour and 51 minutes from now. *Looks at clock". So if it's 2:43p now I need to be back for CR by (*math*) 4:34p. Having to do this all the time is just dumb.

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    I have so many things to state on this topic but I don't even know where to begin.

    First off when and WHY did this game become solely focused on "bosses" and "events" that spawn during a specific timer.


    There is NO reason to leave town if it's not during a set event. Almost ALL emergent gameplay is *gone*
    - Fishing is dead
    - Cross continent trade runs are dead
    - Auroria farming is dead

    There is nothing to do in this game that's fun for your most geared players and hardcore playerbase *and just as important there's nothing to do for any new player base to CATCH UP*

    Okay, now that is out of the way let's talk about timers.

    First - It doesn't matter what time you set it to. The hardcore guilds who want to do this content will do this content and the players who can't/won't/don't know how to do it will get pushed out of the content regardless, because the top guild on every server dominates this activity. During prime time. During the middle of the night. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHEN. "potatoes gonna potato"

    Second - For the players that DO do this content, WHY ARE YOU OVERLAPPING THE FEW THINGS TO DO IN THIS GAME FOR THE TOP GEARED PLAYERS? DGS and Mistmerrow spawn at the exact same time? WHY?

    Third - "content" days are basically Tuesday Thursday and Sunday. You can look at the current boss timers to easily figure out why these are the days the top guilds get on and actually look for some PvP.

    How to fix? Changing timers around won't do anything. It will make it more convenient for one person and a little less convenient for another etc.

    If all you are going to do is change timers around and nothing else at all regarding boss content, then you can clearly see stuff like DGS and MM overlapping is stupid, and Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday is stacked for content and other days aren't (levi is too easy to contest, levi days are pointless). So make changes accordingly to that.

    ArcheAge faces one big problem right now (well, they face a lot of problems but this is the biggest). The amount of servers is far greater than the amount of guilds willing to even attempt something like Kraken, Red Dragon or god forbid Leviathan. The game needs merges, bad. There shouldn't be more than 1 or 2 servers at most. THIS WAS A PROBLEM *YEARS* AGO. Trion was warned about "free farm"
    servers, guilds killing DGS nightly raking in gold and how it would create a barrier between the "have" and the "have nots" but you guys listened to the group of players who've almost all entirely quit by now anyways, the one's that were more concerned about losing their house and all the time they spent designing it rather than the one's doing the content

    The guild doing DGS on Kraken, Conviction, whatever server you pick will still be the guild doing that same content no matter what hour you set it to, because the gear gap is too wide and the only people to contest it are *on other servers* MERGE THE SERVERS, STOP ALLOWING FREE FARM

    Okay, now that is out of the way..

    I have two ideas on boss timers.

    - When Kraken spawns, it spawns *DORMANT*. When you click on it, you will see a countdown for when it awakens from its dormant stage. This can be anywhere from 10 to 30?? minutes. This gives people and guilds time to strategize and form an attack/defense plan. Open to suggestions on how quickly it can be attacked but somewhere of at least 10 minutes sounds good to me.

    - I have another idea as far as Red Dragon is concerned. People say free farm is unfair. People say it prevents anybody from ever catching up. What if, an hour before Red Dragon spawns you can choose to defend the red dragon? If you sign up, the RD becomes a friendly (green) and if you successfully help defend the RD from being dying, you get a reward. This could help stop free farm. If zerging is an issue, perhaps allow a way for the attacking faction of RD to pay mercenaries to help kill it. I'm not sure. A system like this might best work with a new boss. I'm trying to think of a way that allows for two things to happen... A. GUILD/PLAYER/NATION POLITICS STILL PLAY A FACTOR AND PVP IS STILL A FACTOR .. but B. Allows ALL people to contribute, have fun, and get rewarded.

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    Also why does Diamond Shores go in to peace
    A. Right during prime time??
    B. Right around when DGS spawn so you can freely take DGS packs in to a peace zone.

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