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    Keep Morpheus exactally how it is; as it is now it is worth it for pirates to defend it.

    Maybe if it is possible ot make Thunderwing just spawn once a week instead having to wait for people to do the reedwind stuff; bc im pretty sure no one does it unless 1 guild is looking to kill it.
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    It would be really nice if EU events, such as bosses and DGS would be moved 1-2 hours earlier. So that people who work and have to get up in the morning could also participate.

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    EU boss timers for kraken, red dragon and DGS are maybe an hour too late, specially for eastern europe... so moving them an hour earlier would be good. with that in mind maybe alternate between abyssal and kraken/red dragon days, so they wont overlap

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    What do Pirates get for defending Morpheus? Just denying someone else? Should be some kind of reward for defending it like Red Dragon when it is friendly to you, right? Pirates are always outnumbered vs nations and default factions, so defending it against those huge raids is already next to impossible.

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    Just my oppinion

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one that feels that how Trion has the boss timers set up, is more then just for North American players. The baseline for a Normal person getting off of work in North America is between 5:00PM an 6:00PM. I just want real timers for what group of people its aimed for. Theirs an EU server for a reason.

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    All this discussions about change of boss spawn and only thing that changed that in patch notes are shorten the timer for Red dragon and kraken nothing else.

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    Maybe you can figure out how to turn on a server first

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