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Thread: Remembering my old plantation

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    Remembering my old plantation

    I made this video awhile back before the evolution took Ollo away. While I do miss this place I was glad to have a change of scenery after merge :P

    Might make more videos of my new place soon

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    "Sav got so many stalkers they build her houses just so they can stand outside." -Toast 2k16

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    Wonderful video. It's a shame the property's gone from the merge, but I feel like it was given a lot of love while it was still up. The cinematography in the video was great too, some of the best I've seen for ArcheAge videos. I don't know how you got those rotating camera shots done so smoothly, but they did a good job showcasing the property parts without too much cluster♥♥♥♥.

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    I have to agree this was beautifully done and I appreciate the interior decorating skills you displayed! Landscaping was quite impressive too :3 It's great to see other folks really making their AA land into a warm living space! I can't wait to see what your new home looks like though I can empathize with mourning the old land. I felt the pain of losing my original home due to merger as well.

    If got a character on Conviction - might come visit if you're up for it. If you have any characters on Kraken you're free to come visit the Cherryblossom Plantations at Lilyut!

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    I have 6 harvester farmhouses together if you're interested in buying some or all of them.

    I was on ollo too so I'm on conviction if you're still there.

    I was planning to sell 3 together but I'd sell all 6 if I can figure out where to put all my stuff

    PM me if interested.

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