Fix cannons and tradepacks: When a ship is moving, and you press F on a tradepacks or cannon, it says "Too far away." Trion has most likely seen/ heard of this problem but just incase xD

Fix Nui camping: Idk how this problem can be fixed, but players like to run into the Nui zone during battles and tease their opponents by running out and quickly running back in, and if the player is hit, the opponent is put in a bubble and moved away, and other players wait for the bubble to break and the opponent is sometimes killed immediately. Maybe make it to where if you step out of the Nui you get 5 seconds where you can't just jump back in immediately and trick people?

Speedboat corpse (Idk if other ship corpses can do this too): I learned about this during a dgs raid. If a player using the boost skill on a Speedboat and the Speedboat breaks on a galleon or another ship, the ship corpse will get stuck on the ship and slowly destroy the ship it is on. I saw a player doing this on purpose and I just think it's unfair.

Make it easier for raids to know when ships are coming: Instead of having to mark the ship with a blue dot or an icon, make it to where the rest of the people on the ship can see the radar. This could be useful if there are multiple ships on the radar instead of having to keep marking all of the ships with multiple marks/ icons. Or the person on radar can click on the ship/ ships the see and that ship will pop up and be tracked on each player's map if they are on the ship. And make it so that people on clippers can use this or if a person is alone, they can use a radar too.

New Sea Boss?: I think another Sea Boss would be ok. Maybe a Sea Serpent? Shark? Either in the upper right corner of the Arcadian Sea or in Halcyona Gulf? The Sea has the least number of bosses anyway so why not add another?

New class?: Idk if people would agree with this because of all the new combinations and weapons that would have to be made. But maybe a gunslinger, a beast tamer, or a class that uses their fists?