Haleyaves Monthly Giveaway Event Start Today at 7:30 pm Central Time. For Reckoning

Hello! i'll be doing my 2nd Giveaway event =) First one was last month when i did a giveaway on my birthday , I will be doing monthly giveaways the last day of the month .;D
the prize list down below are donated by players and myself. If you guys would like to donate for the march giveaway Please feel free to mail/pm me in game =)
Thank you So much guys for your donation to my events it means a lot =D

List of Some of the Prizes i will be giving away today

2 Apex

1 Oak treehouse Design - Donated by Cruja
1 Stone mansion Design - Donated By Dukauw From Unity
1 Midnight Swept roof mansion
1 Golden tear Drop Storage Chest
8 Lucky Moon points
25 Armor Regrade Scrolls
5 Weapon Regrade Scrolls
20 SpellBook -Unstoppable Will
1 Distorted Tracker Lunafrost
1 Midnight griffin Code - Donated By Pander from Venture
2 Blossom Bulwark Shields
1 Floral Flute
1 Drumline percussion pack
3 Lucky Moon Points Donated By Drizzitxv from Venture
1 Stone Mansion Design Donated By Drizzitxv from Venture
2 marshmallow masher
1 Wrapped Rustic valentine Furniture Bundle Donated By Aelfroth From Venture

This EVENT with be a ArcheAge Trivia event \o/
please share this post with your friends and guild!
will be doing this event on my twitch channel . https://www.twitch.tv/haleyaves
so its open to everyone on the server.
will mail the winners their prizes in game.

Trivia Details
I will be porting to certain areas in Nuia, Haranya, Auroria, and doing trivia questions about that region. Also be Doing Trivia questions about the Lore in ArcheAge ,
The First Trivia Question will start in Sandeep!

How to play:
I will Ask 1 trivia question at a time.
First person to answer correctly will win, one of the prizes stated in the list
* Players can win as many times as they can in this trivia event .

Thank you so much Cruja, Dukauw,Pander , Drizzitxv, And Aelfroth For Donating Some of the Amazing prizes this month!!
my twitch channel is https://www.twitch.tv/haleyaves
See you all today at 730 pm Central Time