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    Quote Originally Posted by EcclipseOfTheMoon View Post
    well. some of us like to decorateour rp homes with nice items ...

    back to topic ... gave it just the last try before maintenance ... two chars 15 times that daru-egg ... all rare and no astral one ...
    Good Feedback to get. So 0/15 per character kinda shows this event wasn't well thought out for the NA/EU Version.

    In Korea they have access to way more titles, but for us being limited to barely just enough to hit Stage five, every title counts.

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    Stupid that some people got the special egg upwards of 5 times, and others never. Put an option to purchase for tokens, not fair to have it random...
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    Angry daru daycare

    i still waiting for FIXING the daru daycare for winner winner chicken dinner 2 out of 5, little egg, big dream 4 out of 5 and egg got the beat 4 out of 5 .. i never got any fix of those.. ticket submit already sent out ( 1055857) . never heard back from them.. all i got said oh it be receive and reive but never fix..

    is this GAME daru daycare RNG or what???

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    After weeks of taking care of poor little eggs almost every day, trying to find new ways to raise it and even different places to put the egg: the event ends today and no title for me. RNG titles do suck.

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    I did this event every single day on both of my characters on my account. my east character got 5 blessed eggs while my west character didn't get a single blessed egg. I agree that we definitely should have the option to buy these titles with tokens if we so choose to. And to comment to what @Muzzy said about bringing back the event at a later date to finish the achievements. I don't see this as something possible to happen as when an event comes back it has different tokens every time so the tokens from the old achievements would be useless the next time around and people will most likely spend all their tokens before it comes around in another year.

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    with all the hype around 4.5 and Freshstart in three weeks i would appreciate an answer here, or atleast a message that this issue is on not forgotten ... in the hope to get that title soon and not in may be one year or later if ...

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    I got what I wanted out of the event -- the book and lots of hoverblooms (I've loved hoverblooms since the first time I saw them!) -- so the title is no big deal to me. Just wanted to report what my experience was, though. I did the event daily with 3 characters; none of them got the title. My fourth character did the event on about half of the days. He finally got the title on the last night of the festival.
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