First I would like to start by saying, I hope this can be a safe space. I stopped visiting these forums, as probably many did, when Martial Law was enforced and I'm not entirely familiar with the forum rules. Don't tell me to go read them - I won't, don't care about the forum.
Just please don't ban me kthx

Couldn't help feeling compelled to at least saying SOMETHING because I do care (a lot) about the game. Tbh, it would be a shame in the current state of the mmo genre to just continue letting things slide after seeing what's on the horizon, for ArcheAge and other mmo's including upcoming titles. I imagine most people wouldn't take the time. So here goes. I hope that Trion senpai notices me..

I realized you can go on for days in a thread like this. There was and still is A LOT of potential with ArcheAge. But to keep this short instead of full novel, I'm just going to cover what I didn't really appreciate over my 3+ years of playing.

1. ArcheAge has one of the best skill systems I've ever seen, which was one of the original draws to the game for me. Then the introduction of obsidian severely limited which classes you could switch to, kind of defeating the purpose. Put yourself in the shoes of a new player here, I imagine it's a stop point, especially now in 4.0 with Spellshift.

2. The vocation changes removed a lot of the convenience of a large portion of farming. I think this is when the game started feeling more like a job. No game should feel like a job.

3. The commerce changes in 3.5 weren't terrible, just not implemented well. The charcoal event just after launch was a pain, causing Reck and Venge to be backed up on charc a LONG time. The 3.5 patch also destroyed the value of a lot of land, not only mainland, but specifically the islands, which became pretty worthless. You may say it was fine, but were these changes even necessary? I think XL could have layered the cargos and auroria packs on top of the old trade system. They just wanted to bloat the game by switching gilda to only daily dungeon quests.

Which kindof required new players..

4. I honestly don't know a whole lot about 4.0, but what's the deal with 2k gold Spellshift Orbs? Why remove Finesse Gems? Why make Serp sleeves even MORE difficult to acquire? Get fugged everyone who doesn't already have that stuff sorted, welcome to legacy players. Or am I wrong?


I don't like the skill changes from what I've seen of 4.5. Watched Kooncoon play that garbo for about a week, found some stupid movespeed bug.. https://clips.twitch.tv/ChillyAthleticSwordHassaanChop
Dropped the game, now he's trying to be an IRL streamer.

All of the above is why ArcheAge seems to only be going downhill to me. Like for every good change, there's two bad. Am I alone here, hello? Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. These are why I no longer sub to the game. I could've actually stopped subbing a long time ago, as I'm sure a lot of us could, but I WANTED to support the game. I still do want to support the game. But not if it's continually going wrong direction.

PLEASE GET CONTROL. Because there's a server out there actually listening which isn't operated by XL or Trion. And I'm half tempted to pack up and head there myself. To me, they do pretty much the pinnacle version of ArcheAge.

Give me 3.0
Revert Vocation and Shrug/Bondbreaker changes
Add 4.0 GCD changes so that people can actually play archer with more than 2-3 endless arrows/sec
I don't really like Erenor Tier. I think it's too ridiculous but it looks cool xD
Layer Auroria packs and Cargo system on top of the old pack system

There you go wow I'm a genius somene pay me. The ideal version of the game - build from there. If you want to get frisky, an engine overhaul would be nice at this point. DONE. Then never touch it again.

But since that's a pipe dream, at the very least I personally would like to see a classic server ready to go at 4.5 launch.

And In the future, assuming there is a future for ArcheAge - do not care about what cash shop item you can add this week. Don't worry about what $150 p2w bundle you can feed the whales. Maybe don't take the time to patch up that bit of the cat mummy costume that exposed a little to much TEXTURES when there's a mil ACTUAL ISSUES with the game, like the quest completion stuttering still being a thing after a year now?

Focus on making the game GOOD, fixing crippling issues, LISTENING to your playerbase - Go up hill rather than down. This game should be succeeding, but you have to want it to succeed. Costumes don't pay bills, CARING pays the bills.


EDIT: But wait, there's more! The 3.0 Fresh Start launch wasn't great. Live and Learn. It was frustrating, but neglecting the little things was worse.
-Plushie instead of RP hot tub which never came to FS. I actually skipped the plushie pack thinking Trion wouldn't forget the hot tub. Rip.
-The sloth glider implementation (and I'd like to hear what actually happened there). At the very least, it was a Loyalty store item for legacy players and it should've been a Loyalty store item for FS. Not a $150 cash grab. It's an iconic and enjoyable item that makes the game way more fun to play.
-And most recently removing key items from the Loyalty store (Ravenspine and Crater Cub) seemingly WITHOUT PROPER WARNING when FS accounts had way less time to acquire those items.

Most of my conflicts with ArcheAge have to do with XL Games, their decisions, and the direction the game is going. But that edit is for you Trion in case you decide to do another Fresh Start. WOW I HOPE SOMEBODY READ ANY OF THIS ok I'm done for now.