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Thread: Rum Crew is recruiting

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    Rum Crew is recruiting


    Rum Crew is recruiting players of high gear (in specific situations we will accept some lower geared as well) who are interested in pvp. Who is Rum Crew?
    Rum Crew is a Pirate guild.
    What is Rum Crew again? It's a Pirate guild.
    Why emphasize on this? Because it defines the people we want here. We want to steal packs, we want to fight people. We don't want to drive packs, spend the day doing faction events, rifts, halcyona wars etc.
    That doesn't mean we wont be making gold though. Sea has plenty of opportunities for gold. Starting from small (sunkens, stealing cargos) and going to high (contesting Kraken, DGS).
    People who are bored of their default factions and don't want to join the existing Nations, have an opportunity to play the game with us.
    More practical requirements:
    Frontliners of 8k and higher,acceptable.
    Healers of 6,5k and higher, highly needed.
    Archers of 8.5k or higher, highly needed.
    Mages of 9k or higher, acceptable.
    Melees of 9k or higher, acceptable.
    Melees with heavy cc of 8k or higher, needed.
    Most of the pvp will happen near, on or inside water. Builds suitable for such situations are expected.

    If you're interested or want to ask more. Mail me in game, Emperor (do not send message here, i barely check them).

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    Is it you Emperor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orio View Post
    Is it you Emperor?
    Quote Originally Posted by nedrapter View Post
    Mail me in game, Emperor

    Updated the classes needed and gearscores, as we had some new members that changed the balance of the roster.

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