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Thread: Food for thought

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    Food for thought

    Came across this discussion between Stefan Molyneux and some guy who works in the gaming industry and who is questioning the current practices of game developers regarding ways and means to keep the players addicted to games. If you often find yourself exhausted by a lot of the systems that are in place in Archeage and all other mmos, like being forced to login regularly in order to either avoid penalties either not miss out on "opportunities", you might want to grab your headphones, take a deep breath, prepare 5k potato seeds in your shortcut bar and click that play button. You might have a few interesting revelations.

    http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egYfNtx9f1g&index=16&list=PLMNj_r5bccUzrNV Re1hFTXSBxOcMoWFn5
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    Yes, games are designed to make you feel like you have to play them. The longer you play games, the more likely you are to spend more money on them.

    This is no different than how grocery stores are designed. Milk is usually at the far back of the store forcing you to walk the entire store to get milk and then the entire length of the store back. Same reason why they put kid friendly items at kid eye height, and stuff you don't want on end caps. Same reason a casino is designed the way it is. That seemingly order-less layout of slots and tables is actually a perfect harmony of design.

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