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Thread: Current state of the game and future update suggestions

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    Current state of the game and future update suggestions

    Been thinking for a while now to make a thread of what i think this game could really use in the near future. I ve been seeing a lot of ppl lately making sugestions on forum about changes, new additions and in general what could improve the game. Now, this is gonna be a very long thread, with many changes, been colecting them for quite some time now> I would appreciate any feedback to it and feel free to give your own version of the changes i shall post. The more ppl that care about a thing like this the more chances we ll have at some of these changes being implemented in the game. Lets start>

    I.1. Introduce pvp stats into the game. We all know theres a huge gear gap right now which makes pvp almost impossible at times, even though 4.5 will most likely reduce that gear gap slightly it will always still be there. The only way in my mind that this will actually effectively change is if pvp stats are introduced, toughness and resilience for instance could play a much bigger part in the pvp state of the game. That being said, you can either change how toughness and resilience works, for a much more effective pvp reduced dmg or simply add new stats to equipment/ a whole new type of gear that we can get from pvp arenas/battlegrounds (that i will detail in the next point)

    2. New arenas, battleground and a cross pvp ranked season. Lately small scale pvp has been extremely booring, we all know that. Most servers if not all are completely taken over by player factions and i honestly doubt there is any way for that to ever change how mass scale pvp works. That being said it is very hard to nearly impossible to find some proper pvp. Nowadays ppl just log in for raids, log out after, since there is literally nothing else to do.
    One way to change this is focusing the game a lot more over arenas and battlegrounds. World of warcraft for instance was mainly saved because they introduced the arena seasons into it, and many many years later theres still thousands of players who go into wow just to play arenas. This would also allow the introduction of pvp sets based on arena rewards, that would only work in arenas/battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a pretty clear idea , just make a 10 v 10, 20 v 20, whatever scale you want into an actual pvp zone. A very important thing here though, this needs to be made as a premade raid. SAME for arenas. The randomness of cross srv 3 v 3s and what not just hurts, the ammount of alts you get in raids just hurts as well. A premade system for pvp arenas NEEDS to be implemented in the game.

    3. New content, new maps. Scale it properly to be a challenge. Can't say i even remember when the last map was introduced in the game that was actually interesting. Maybe auroria rush? ... Ever since its been the same , just a new map grind in it, do an event, nothing else. Questing should take a much bigger part in these new zones attached to the world. Also, something actual challenging should be placed into them, grinding mobs that get 1 hit by most geared players isnt exactly a challenge. Add new maps, new quests to it, and make it harder. I would love to go to a map and actually need to focus to kill a mob, to kite, to avoid mechanics etc, this can be made very rewarding too (game progression after all) This is mainly to improve the solo gameplay or the very small scale gameplay, not talking about things introduced like reedwind (titanwing titan) which requires entire raids to do. Those are always welcomed in the game i would say.

    4. Underwater content. Archeage has probably the biggest if not the most attractive underwater potential in mmos out there. But the ammount of content we have underwater is shamefull, honestly. There are a couple of good mechanics for bosses, like prince reisig with the rooms, nazar with the push and so on. But thats pretty much it. Water is mostly used for trade runs now not really any content in there. Point being, i would love to see underwater cities, that would be absolutely amazing, maybe with new races added into it. I would also love to see how wind actually affects boats. For instance you can add so many visual effects, waves that slow down your boat, wind that makes it faster. This would even improve the trade runs, not only press 1 button auto run go afk untill you hit the destination (clap clap much content) Another thing that should be added are mini bosses roaming the ocean. That would shift the focus a bit to actually hunting those mini bosses down. For instance i bet 99% of the ppl playing archeage dont even know theres a mini boss somewhere north west of ynistere, at the queen's ship or whatever its called. Or the 8 mini bosses giving the underwater breathing device. Things like that need to be focused on, make them more rewarding, ppl will be more interested in it.

    5. And also last for now, is add some dungeon progression to the game. Serp ring along with dahuta+ library earring quest line is pretty damn nice and feels like an actual achievement to get, but thats all. There is no tiers in the game, lower dungeons make no sense at all, and they dont feel rewarding at all to do. I can't even remember when is the last time i did a dungeon to be honest.
    The way i would change this is simple, Make all the dungeons way harder, add at least 1 mil hp to bosses+ harder hits. The mechanics are there already and it feels challenging to do them but with the current gear progression you just avoid every mechanic. That shouldnt happen. once that happens, add some actual relevant gear into every dungeon that progressively gets better. These tiers can be set items, giving certain stats, you can even skip the regrade function in them. This would also improve a lot the legendary items mindsets, if in the end you can actually get a bis item from those dungeon and raids. Every mmo out there has this mindset, grinding and working for no reason doesnt exactly help which is what archeage dungeons and raids represent now, since the only thing that matters is crafted gear an rng regrades. Such additions to the game would simply give the opportunity to players to have good sets of gear by grinding, and not praying to god their obsidian goes up a tier.
    Goes without saying that you should really add more dungeon and raids into the game as well, not world bosses, but actual dungeons, been years. come on...

    I will try to update the thread as i go with more ideas, as i said previously, feel free to comment, improve, detail or add suggestions here.

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    I think something that would go along way would be to hold double xp, loot drop, honor events more frequently. No reason at this stage of the game this not an every weekend or 1 week a month thing.

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