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    Trion wont police any exploits because its to much work. They will draw the line in the sand around something like cart blocking, but cant be bothered to limit exploits in the game that impact the economy. Even in cases where there is warning text in game saying you cant do this, its ok to do it if you can find a mechanic to abuse.

    It's the wild west, abuse early and often is the best approach.

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    Soon they won't have to exploit. Nations are getting so many enoans they will be able to spawn 30 enoans and zerg it down without switching figureheads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinukeda View Post
    No dude.
    Just no.
    You're not even remotely close to reality with this one.
    You're not in the ballpark. You're not in the stands. You're not in the parking lot. You're not even within the same city limits. You might not even be in the same STATE.
    You must be doing it wrong then. Disaster took Levi down in under 2 minutes a few days ago. They don't even bother dragging it to DS. They just get their free Enoan pattern and dance on it's corpse till it despawns. Trino looking the other way when their precious nation swipers exploit, glitch, macro and bot every day is really making me hope that AoC becomes what it is supposed to be. Soon as alpha hits I am outta here. The swipers can just stay here and keep cheating for all I care.

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    Swipe. Hack. Exploit.

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