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    If you are using Razer products and running Synapse 3, ensure it's updated, I had this happen a few days ago a bit, I dug into various log files (I'm an IT guy and know what to look for ) discovered the issue, updated and problem stopped

    It also helps to ensure that your drivers & os continue to stay upto date to help these issues.
    If you'd like DM me, I'll give you my discord info and help you there as it'll be easier with screen share
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    Fixed the Folio and Auction House crashing.

    Just delete the folders in the C:/ drive main folder that are listed as "Archeage" or "ArcheAge1", it saves a folder here even if you told it to install elsewhere, because ya know, trino. Something corrupted in those folders, which is why you crash.

    Hope this helps,


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