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Thread: Friday Night EU Hide&Seek

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    Post Friday Night EU Hide&Seek

    Starting Next Week Friday the 16th of March this event will hosted in Retribution.
    The event will be held at 21:30 gmt+0 (10:30pm CET).

    This has been hosted on Tempest for the past 2 months and has been quite popular.

    Orginal Post:

    This is your opportunity to test your Archeage exploration skills, learn new trivia about the game and race other players towards unusual locations in the game.

    There will be 5 rounds, with hints given in intervals. The first person to find the location will WIN 1 APEX!

    The event will be hosted by myself, for both factions (and other nations), to liven up what is normally a boring Friday evening after the themepark events end.

    Q: Will these be in safe zones?
    A: No, all areas of the game including instances will be used. I can't control any skirmishes that develop in the race.

    Q: Who is welcome? Who can take part?
    A: Everyone can, regardless of server if you want to make an alt on Retribution

    Q: Any runners up prizes?
    A: No

    Q: What do I do when I find you?
    A: Just say hi, /point /bow whatever you want. I'll then mail you your prize.

    Q: Who comes up with the places?
    A: Me. No guilds/friends involved and all chars running the event will be guildless alts.

    Q: How often will these be?
    A: Every other week from now on

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    You should talk to Muzzy, maybe he can provide you with some prices to give away for the event.

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